Whats New - January 2022

Our newest project

  • We're excited to announce that in January we received a SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) Phase I grant from the National Science Foundation. We are continuing our quest to make a 24/7 varroa mite counter. We are working with the Harpur Lab at Purdue and getting set up to do field testing this summer. Look for a new product in 2023!

New Products Here Now!

  • NOW Supporting Yolink devices. Yolink makes Lora (long range, 1000+ feet) temperature and humidity sensor that will connect via WiFi into MyBroodMinder. This allows you to instrument widely spaced hives. More information is here.
  • SHIPPING NOW BroodMinder-WIFI. Newly designed and easier than ever. Lots of details here.
  • SHIPPING NOW BroodMinder-Cell-T91. New designed and easier than ever (too). Details here.
  • NEW Mobile App - This is a big one! Amanda and Lorenzo have updated our phone/tablet app and we love it. It combines your favorite features of the 3 current apps all into one along with the addition of foreign language support and high speed data transfers. Go to the app store and search for "BroodMinder Bees".
  • NEW BroodMinder-SubHub - Shipping now. Without CELL or WIFI, this little treasure accomplishes two things:
    • Listens for all nearby BroodMinders and rebroadcasts them to a BroodMinder-CELL or the Apiary app running in hub mode up to 1000 feet away. This is a very cost effective way to get real-time data to MyBroodMinder.com. (note: BroodMinder-WIFI does not listen to -SubHub due to high power requirements.)
    • Stores all of that data locally and uses a fast Bluetooth protocol. You'll be able to read a month's worth of 50 devices in about 2 minutes using our forthcoming app (see below).
    • More details on how it works are here.
  • NEW BroodMinder-DIY Weight Scale - Shipping now. Those of you who like to fiddle around will like this new option to build your own weight scale using our electronics and software. It will retrieve data and send it to MyBroodMinder just like the rest of our products. You will find more details here.

Coming This Spring

  • BroodMinder-BEEDAR. We will start selling a entrance radar and acoustic activity monitor. Based on the work done by Dr. Herb Aumann at the University of Maine, this product will be mounted above the beehive entrance and use radar to monitor flights in and out. It also includes an acoustic sensor that listens to the hive activity. You can see the work that Herb did here.

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