Every Hive Counts

BroodMinder believes that by performing simple, uniform measurements on thousands of hives, the beekeeping community will gain insights into hive distress and that as a community, we will develop interventions to improve outcomes.


Video Introduction and User Guide

See live Citizen Science data at BeeCounted.org.

BroodMinder products are distributed by Brushy Mountain Bee Farm.

See our BroodMinder-T2 crowdfunding campaign

The Citizen Science Kit - $289

Be part of the solution. The BroodMinder Citizen Science Kit includes the necessary devices to best understand what is happening in your hive. With this configuration, you'll be able to monitor your hive weight and internal conditions as well as compare data with all the other hives on MyBroodMinder.com.

Wireless Beehive Telemetry

BroodMinder utilizes the latest in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, integrated circuit temperature and humidity chips. With over 9,000 devices already delivered, we are the industry-leading, affordable, brood monitoring device.

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