Support & FAQ

Is there a user guide?
Yes and it is amazing. You can download it here: BroodMinder User Guide

Are there videos?

Where’s the app?
The app is available in your favorite app store.
The BroodMinder-Apiary app allows you to upload the data from all of your BroodMinder devices directly to MyBroodMinder. This is the best choice if you have internet in your apiary. Optionally, if you subscribe to MyBroodMinder-Premium, then you can upload all of your sensors with a single button push. It is a great time-saver for users with lots of sensors. MyBroodMinder-Premium is $54/year.
The BroodMinder-Lite app is the basic free app. You don't even need the internet to use it. With it you can read your devices, e-mail data to yourself, see graphs of data, and annotate the data.
BroodMinder-CELL is the app to control the BroodMinder-CELL and BroodMinder-WIFI devices.

NOTE: We are introducing a new improved unified app spring 2021.

Is there a way to share my data with the community?
YES! Go to and set up an account. You may then upload your BroodMinder data and store it there. Once you send it, it becomes public domain data and will be shared with anybody who wants to analyze it. Basic use of is free. Plus, the BroodMinder app has all this built right in. It is very easy to share with your friends.

Will people know where my hive is?
No. We only keep location data by zip code.

Does BroodMinder send data to the Bee Informed Partnership?
Yes, if you choose. Once your data is on, you can select a box in the scale settings to push data once per day to the Bee Informed Partnership Sentinel program. BroodMinder is certified “Bee Informed Ready”.

Can I see this public data?
Yes, you can. Go to and you can see the live data.

Can I embed my graphs on my web site?
You bet your sweet bippy you can. See how here.

Can I tell the difference between sensors?
Each and every BroodMinder will have a unique Device ID. It looks something like this: “42:45:A4”. The Device ID is printed on every circuit board and visible through the cover so that you read it. You also notice a flap at the end of the BroodMinder. This part is designed to stick outside of the hive. You can write the Device ID or any other name you like on the flap and then see it even if the hive is closed up.

How do I use the data?
We have included a chapter about this in the BroodMinder User Guide.

What web resources are there regarding winter hive temperatures?
A great paper is “The thermology of wintering honey bee colonies” by Charles Owens, US Department of Agriculture. November 1971. It’s available from the USDA National Agriculture Library.

What is the accuracy?
BroodMinder-TH is accurate to 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit and 3% relative humidity. BroodMinder-W accuracy is dependent upon your setup. The scale itself is accurate to on pound and is calibrated during manufacture using 50, 100, and 150 pound weights. It is sensitive to about 0.2 ounces.

How long will it log data?
The BroodMinder-TH & -W will store a year’s worth of data that can be retrieved with the BroodMinder app.

Is the battery replaceable?

Does it do metric?
Yes, metric can be selected in the settings screen.

How long will the battery last?
It is designed to last well over a year. Replacing it during the fall harvest is the recommended procedure. The software warns you when it is time to replace the battery.

Will the BroodMinder last more than a year?
Once the battery is replaced, it will remain useful for many years to come.

What’s the range?
The Bluetooth range depends on a lot factors so it’s difficult to say for sure. We’ve tested two devices recently on several devices and they all work about the same. In an open field, we can get 200 feet. However, once it in the hive (Langstroth w/metal top) we can just barely get 50 feet most of the time. At 10-20 feet it works very reliable. We have tested using iPhone 4s, iPhone 6, iPad 2, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy S4, & Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.

Do you have a presentation that I can share with my club?
Yes. Check out our "Club Kit" on the product page. It contains materials fit for a club. Or you can download the presentation here.

Will the bees like it?
We don’t know if they like it, but they don’t hate it. The BroodMinder has been designed to co-exist with bees. We have not seen them coat it with propolis, but even if they do, it will function fine.

What’s this thing called FLIR?
Forward Looking InfraRed devices take thermal images. Heat gives off waves just like light that can be detected by these very cool sensors. They are becoming popular and relatively cheap. They will not tell you the temperature inside though. To get that, you would have to open the lid and take the FLIR image. However, it will tell you if your hive box is warm, just like your hand, only more sensitive. It’s very cool technology, but doesn’t give me what I want; real data from inside the hive.

What if I have another question?
Well, if it relates to BroodMinder, send it to us at and we will try to answer it.


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