BroodMinder unique data solutions for Pro and Migratory beekeepers

We know how hard is doing beekeeping for business and how much it has changed over the last decades. At BroodMinder we wish to make it easier to professional and migratory beekeepers. Our tools provide real-time input for an informed decision-making. As a result, you can optimize your operations to save time and money.

Instead of a connected hive, we offer you a connected apiary. By installing on several beehives our modular hardware with sensors tracking all essential hive parameters, like weight, internal and external temperature and humidity, you can get a representative picture of the whole apiary dynamics.

You get unlimited access to the online platform Mybroodminder and mobile application Bees app (Android, iOs). From any desktop or mobile device, you can follow current trends and future forecasts that we build with unique predictive algorithms.

What data will you get, and how can you use it?

1. Monitoring hive productivity

With the connected BroodMinder hive scales, you can continuously follow colony development and keep track of their weight, monitoring the hive productivity with the help of charts and calendars. It can help you in remote decision making: for example, you can decide when you should double the hive if the nectar-flow is intense or if they are asking for feeding when things don't go as expected.

2. Monitoring brood development

Many actions in your apiary are related to monitoring and managing the brood level. The internal temperature sensors T2 and TH associated with BroodMinder algorithms inform you at any time about the brood level in each colony and its' evolution. This way, you can make the right decisions remotely and avoid unnecessary and intrusive inspections.

surveillance du rucher apiculteurs pro - suivi du développement du couvain

3. Simple and efficient hive migration

The acacia tree is about to bloom, and you are thinking about moving your hives. Our apiary monitoring system will help you to identify the best candidates. Instead of a detailed inspection of your apiary, you can print out the hive list and sort by brood volume. Make your shortlist, load your truck and go.

transhumance apicole simplifiée

4. Colony health tracking

While you are monitoring your hives health daily, you can remotely distinguish those that are growing, stable or declining. So while you are running the inspections, you no longer need to open each of your hives: focus on those needing your help most. bfit évalue la santé des abeilles

5. What happened while you were away?

If you are wondering what happened between inspections, look at the event calendar. It shows whether there was a swarming event or if a colony has lost its queen. You can also see precisely the week when the queen stopped egg laying. We analyse your hive data to give you a complete overview of the events since your last visit. Évènements

6. Just-in-time anti-mite treatment

Automatic alerts inform you about the optimal time to apply broodless mite treatment.

fin de ponte pour traiter varroa

7. A comprehensive email system

We provide you with a daily email service containing a complete report on hive and sensor status. We also stay on track of recent and upcoming events. You can configure the alerts and the report frequency that works best for you.

Résumé par email

8. Be alerted on time

BroodMinder-Cell and Wi-fi data transmission hubs allow for real-time alerts.
For those who don't have a hub, alerts and events computing is done after each sync.

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Funding your investment

The European Commission supports the beekeeping sector through its Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

If you are a beekeeper in member country, you should be able to access that funding. Check it from your local government.