Yolink long range sensor support

We have added support for Yolink long range sensors. Yolink uses LoRa wireless connections instead of Bluetooth. In particular we like the Weatherproof Temperature Sensor. and Weatherproof Temperature and Humidity Sensor. It is available on-line for around $35 (you also need a single $25 WiFi hub).

In your MyBroodMinder.com "Configure" menu you will now find a "Third Party Devices" option which allows you to enter the Yolink sensor serial number and map it to your hive just like any other BroodMinder sensor. Then  you will see live data on your account.

Note: You must have a BroodMinder premium account to use this feature. You will also need a WiFI network to connect the Yolink sensor. Also note that you can not read the devices with our BroodMinder apps.