The New DIY Weight Scale



The BroodMinder-DIY is the raw circuit board that we use in the BroodMinder-W2. With it you can build your own scale and it will work with all of the standard BroodMinder software. We hope that this board allows many home crafters to create wonderful devices to monitor the hives. Be sure to share your designs with us and we will share them with the world.

  • Proven design
  • 5-year battery life
  • No software to write
  • Works with most standard load cells
  • Integrates into the vast BroodMinder ecosystem
  • Utilizes a 4 channel 24-bit load cell IC (TI ADS1234)
  • Data is available by BLE advertising
  • Stored data is readable by BroodMinder apps

Theo and Lorenzo have been working on their own concepts. We will be posting lots of information in our public Dropbox folder here. You can also download a cool 3d pdf of the design here.

We have much more information on making your own scales in our user guide and we will be updating that frequently as we test out ideas. You can get it here.