We have designed the BroodMinder-CELL for those of us who want to obsess over our bees 24/7. This solar powered unit listens to up to 80 BroodMinders in your apiary and sends hourly updates directly to You can sit at your desk (or on the beach) and watch what your girls are up to.

We are now shipping (November 2021) an updated version based on the Nordic "Thingy:91". It was a lot of software, but now we are prepared for when 3G obsoletes at the end of 2022.

If you can supply power and protection from the weather, then the 'Naked' version could work for you and save you some money.

If you already have a BroodMinder-CELL that you want to upgrade, then choose the BroodMinder-Cell Upgrade and send us your CELL ID. We will turn off your old CELL and assign the new -T91 to you.

The BroodMinder-CELL includes one year at $108/year for the cellular subscription plus MyBroodMinder-Premium (required for automatic uploads). Like all our products, we have gone to great lengths to make installation fast and simple.

Installation details are in our updated user guide and this video. (new 2021)

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