BroodMinder-Citizen Science Kit


The BroodMinder Citizen Science package includes all three BroodMinder devices. With this configuration of your hive, you will be able to compare data with all the other BroodMinder hives on

BroodMinder-TH goes on top of the upper brood box
BroodMinder-T2 goes on top of the lower brood box
BroodMinder-W goes under the hive

You can also select the 'classic' version of 2 -TH devices.

NOTE: All BroodMinder-T2 devices now include TEMPERATURE EVENT detection (including swarms). When a temperature spike happens, the sensor switches to 1 minute sampling in order to get a high resolution recording of the event. If you have a hub, it will also initiate a email message or text message to inform you of the event.

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