T2 Version 2.77 Update - PC Version

March 2019

If you received your BroodMinder-T2 prior to February 14, 2019, then it requires a firmware update. Version 2.76 limits temperature logging to 96 degrees F (35 C).

We have PC software that will update the devices using a BLED112 Bluetooth dongle. This version is faster than the phone/tablet version and may appeal to some more technically savvy folks.

It will require the purchase of Silicon Labs BLED112 which you can find here for about $10. (You'll want to keep track of the BLED112 because we will be releasing -T2 feature upgrades later this summer).

 The software to do the update is here in a zipped file. 

  • Get this file and unzip it on your computer
  • Open file manager and double click on UpdateT2.bat
  • Enter the BroodMinder-T2 ID when asked
  • Make sure the -T2 is powered
  • Watch the update

We have had very good luck with this program, however, if you run into problems, try:

  1. Retry programming by double clicking on Retry.bat
  2. Unplug and plug in the BLED112 again
  3. Remove the battery from the -T2 for 20 seconds and try again.
  4. This program only works with 64-bit versions of windows.

Good luck. For more help, contact Mike at support@BroodMinder.com.