MyBroodMinder V5

Your BroodMinder team is bursting over with excitement. We are about to enter a new phase of our mission to provide important and useful information to beekeepers around the globe.

Following the BroodMinder/Mellisphera merger last summer, Amanda went to France to work with Lorenzo for two months. They have now completed a major redesign of MyBroodMinder and let me tell you, it is amazing.

Soon we will be transitioning to MyBroodMinder V5.
We have taken feedback from the last eight years and made MyBroodMinder V5 more powerful and configurable for you, our fellow beekeepers.

What’s new?

Over the next few days, we will release several short newsletters and videos showing the new features. The new MyBroodMinder V5 will help you manage and anticipate changes in your hives like never before.

  • A powerful new apiaries home page
  • Fully integrated analysis features
    • Brood strength
    • Weather analysis
    • Nectar flow predictions
    • Swarming and other Alerts
    •  Reports
      • Build your own custom dashboards!
        • Data from BroodMinder devices
        • Local apiary and web-based weather
        • Fitness, productivity, brood, nectar-flow and foraging indexes
        • 14 chart widgets you can arrange as you like
      • Powerful note and hive inspection logging
      • Integrated help and videos
      • Tight integration with the BroodMinder Bees app

      Delivering with passion

      Your BroodMinder Team is comprised of beekeepers and we are passionate about our bees and dedicated to discovering how hive monitoring improves survival. MyBroodMinder has developed into the most advanced, most configurable, most beekeeper driven web tool globally. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

      Stay tuned!

      There is more to com in the next few days.
      Follow the updates at

      and remember... Every Hive Counts