Citizen Science - Sep 2021 Edit



The world’s pollinators are threatened. Many backyard beekeepers are motivated by their concern for honeybee survival, and want to be a part of the solution.


Using our simple, accurate, and affordable beehive sensors, 
BroodMinder is creating a database from the hives of anonymized backyard beekeepers worldwide. Our public domain data set is available for analysis by anyone who wants to participate in our Citizen Science effort.


The BroodMinder app sends a bee hive's data to the Cloud with just the push of a button (, or continuously with the use of one of our data hub products). Beekeepers can observe graphed data from their own hives as well as data uploaded by other beekeepers in their region - or anywhere else in the world.

Beekeepers can use this information to understand “normal” hive conditions in their region, compare and test interventions recorded, and ultimately define “best practices” to foster bee survival.


The goal of the BroodMinder Citizen Science project is to gather data from 10,000 [why 10,000? Is there rationale for that number? How close are we? Have we already achieved that threshold?] hives. The larger and more diverse the data set, the more likely it is that significant drivers of success can be revealed.

Our “Citizen Science Bundle” is how attempt to foster consistent data across multiple hives through monitoring hive weight, temperature above the lower brood box, and temperature and humidity above the top brood box.


The goal is to have 10,000 devices in hives sharing their data by the end of 2017. Data available from the hundreds of hives already being monitored will be included [in what?] and valued.

BroodMinder is Bee Informed Ready!
BroodMinder has joined the Bee Informed Partnership (BIP).
Now you can click a box in and share your data with BIP.