Our Mission Engage the home beekeeping community in citizen science by providing simple, accurate, and affordable sensors for the beehive.

Rich Morris - Founder and CEO

Rich has spent 30+ years developing products for the medical, scientific, and consumer worlds. View his resume here. He has recently embarked on a new career, dedicated to developing devices for bees and beekeepers. He is an electrical engineer by training, system engineer and project manager by trade. Rich lives on the Yahara river in Stoughton Wisconsin, has three bee hives, and likes long walks on the beach.

BroodMinder is also supported by a team of engineers, scientists, designers & marketers, all in a mission to bring Citizen Science to every hive across the country:

Matt Soucoup – Software Developer
Amanda Stoltz – Software Engineer
Duane Kaufman – Physicist
Mike Fuller – Quality Control

Sara Hilt – Marketing
Tina Hogle – Writer
Rudy Bankston – Copy Editor
Nick Higbee – Graphic Artist

Theo Hartmann – PR
Marcel van den Elst –  European  PR