The BroodMinder-DIY is the raw circuit board that we use in the BroodMinder-W2. With it you can build your own scale and it will work with all of the standard BroodMinder software.

  • Proven design, 5-year battery life
  • No software to write
  • Works with most standard load cells
  • Integrates into the vast BroodMinder ecosystem

We are also offering the weight sensors that we use. (The circuit board does not include weight sensors) They have proven to be of high quality and appropriate for use in the harsh environment. Choose the separate components above.

More information of the DIY kit is here and in our users guide.

Note: In order to upload data to, you will need to have a premium account. ($54/year).

Note: We are now being given a delivery date of April 14 for the 200KG load cell. The circuit board and 4x50KG load cells are in stock.

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