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    Theo Hartmann
    Theo Hartmann

    I have been approached by Kristi Orcutt. She is a member of our club and she also maintains the observation hive at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond, VA. http://www.lewisginter.org/apiary/
    This hive was installed earlier this year but as it turns out, there are a few problems with it. The queen had died recently and Kristi thinks that it is because of overheating. There also is a problem with the entrance because it is a long tube going up from the top of the hive. The web link above shows one picture showing a black tube going up. This means that the poor nurse bees have to carry all the trash and the dead “up the hill” thru a black and hot tunnel.

    Two BroodMinder TH devices were installed on June  27th, one at the bottom and another one at the top of the hive

    The data collected by these devices can be viewed at beekeeping.io in the demo account. no sign-in required.

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    Theo Hartmann
    Theo Hartmann

    Kristi uploaded the latest BroodMinder data  yesterday afternoon. This paints a clear picture:

    There is almost no temperature difference between top and bottom. I was considering adding a chimney to the top to pull off the hot air but this will not work. Idea scrapped.

    I am beginning to think that the highest peaks are not really an immediate issue as long as we keep the direct sunlight away. In my mind, the real issue are the large temperature swings. The colony will never settle in and that is probably why the queen decided to quit.

    For comparison, here is a plot from Rockwood Park:

    We may have to look at insulating the Lewis Ginter hive at night to prevent heat loss. Also, the situation will get better as the “thermal mass” increases. What I mean by this is the honey stores in the hive which will pick up heat during the day and give it off at night.


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    Using the beekeeping.io demo ac with the same hive or my own ac i can’t  see how to get the temps from two different devices onto the same graph as you have done above.

    what did i miss?

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    Theo Hartmann
    Theo Hartmann

    Right now beekeeping.io does not allow to plot data from multiple devices on one chart. The above charts were done in Excel. It is on our list of enhancements to add this functionality in the future. Stay tuned.

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